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Concierge Medicine at Pioneer Valley Internal Medicine 


For an annual fee Concierge medicine offers a different  more satisfying experience for both patients and providers.


Our Concierge practice will provide the following services for an annual fee of $1,5000 for existing patients and $2,000 for new patients


Longer office visits


visits with only your provider unless she is on vacation or ill


same day or next day appointments


seven day a week after hour access to your provider for urgent medical matters


call back with test results that we have ordered


timely follow up appointments after hospital/rehab discharge and emergency department visits


scheduling appointments with specialty providers for life threatening or emergent medical issues.

Please note we can not get patients earlier appointments if they do not meet the above criteria.


Concierge Medicine does not replace insurance or the fees associated with insurance at office visits.


If you are interested please email us at


Thank You

Christine Baker MD

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